Saturday, 25 September 2021

Bye, Bye Love - The Cars

 A decent enough start at first light yesterday as a skein of

at least 28
flew west ascross a part cloudy sky.
However, the joy was shortlived as between all of the Moth Traps the Best in Show was another
of the more pale shade.
Outside of that was, as always, a most welcome
plodding around an otherwise then empty trap,
while above a young
was knocking it out double four time.
Whoever coined the phrase "lightning never strikes twice in the same place"
had not taken the humble
into consideration as there on the same Sewerage Works rail was the, or another,
leucistic / albino bird
of this years late winter.
A maybe lateish male
was considered a 'lucky' find
but the liuck didn't extend as far as the camera as having to fake it a little with a
couple of archive shots.
However, a couple of
along the River Stour were a little more gracious
allowing for a click or 3 and we'll leave it to the
American Rock Band - The Cars - of 'Drive' fame to utter the final words.
It's an orangy sky,
always it's some other guy.
It's just a broken lullaby

Bye bye love, Bye bye love, Bye bye love, Bye bye love!

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