Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Up - Up and AWAY - The 5th Dimention

 First, and for some years, it was On, then it was Off and then along came Covid but happy to say it is now back On in 2021,

that is while we'd rather be here at home with a Grandstand Seat
than among the throng on
Bournemouth Beach!
Being an ex-Submariner the knowledge of such things is beyond me, but while having no idea of what we were looking at the spectacle was well worth the time. So, with few captions what we have seen thus far.
coming in to land without even having to move our position.
Putting hundreds od Starlings to flight.
High Flying Display Team
This Post is dedicated to
Flight Leiutenant
Jon Egging
who lost his life almost within sight of this property 10 years ago, our thoughts are with his family!

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