Thursday, 12 August 2010

The King of the Castle

With a couple of computer (operator) difficulties, today's events are presented in reverse order.

Where the Wood's and I ended up for our evening meal brought back a few memories of my very first 2 weeks leave in the Royal navy. I had decided to spend a few days back on my old stomping grounds in Beeston, Notts the town where I was born. At the tender age of 15 and dressed in my first 'sailors suit' I didn't think I could miss with the landlord's daughter at the Victoria close to Beeston train station, how wrong I was. She did encourage me for the first 2 dates, but very soon after got fed up and ditched me, the story of my life.

We had earlier gone to meet John's 90 year old mother and his younger brother Robert and wife Brenda

I still maintain seeing Mrs Wood again was the highlight of this part of the trip.

With the weather threatening, I decided to spend the day at Belvoir (pronounced Beaver) Castle, where unfortunately there was no photography allowed inside the building. It was an amassing day.

The first view of the castle above the rose garden.

Belvoir Castle

2 falconers were flying this 2 year old Barn Owl and invited me to join for close viewing.

'Persil' the Barn Owl.

The central tower.

Seeing my interest in birds, one of the falconers asked if I would like to see one of the 2 Harris Hawks recently purchased by the Duke.

In moult, these birds were in no condition to be flown, but it was a privilege to see it at such close quarters.

One of an array of cannons on the lower battlements.

The rear of the castle.

A veiw of the now redundant stables, and onward across the Vale of Belvoir.

Part of the vale of Belvoir.

The Gardens

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