Saturday, 11 August 2012

Holy Diver - Ronnie James Dio

Yet another meal out last night with Pat Shearing after which we popped over to Weymouth Beach
to watch Tom Daley start his pursuit of the individual diving medal.
Not quiet the start he was looking for but 'early days' yet - another great buzz on the beach!

There was plenty of blue sky showing through the veneer of high cirrus cloud but the wind had freshened to a good 25 knots and was now blowing from the south east. With bird life remaining very much low key, all there was to report from an early visit to Ferry Bridge were c135 Ringed Plover, just c30 Dunlin and a passage of Swallows which during my one hour stay topped the 200 mark.
Barleycrates produced little more than a Stonechat and a couple of Gatekeeper Butterflies, and by the time I reached the Bird Observatory all that had been added were c27 WHEATEAR. So, it was left to the garden Moth Traps to produce the eye candy which indeed they did.
2 contrasting colour morphs of LARGE YELLOW UNDERWING
another OAK EGGAR © Robert White found in their kitchen.
and this amazing close-up shot of the labial palps on the face of a moth, they might be 1mm long I guess? © Paul Harris
STARLINGs congregate at the Bill
 'RAGGED' ROBIN at the Nothe and the
SUNSET over WEST BAY and CHESIL BEACH © Robert White

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