Friday, 10 August 2012

Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

With yesterday's Olympic Sailing Finals totally becalmed, resulting in postponement, there would be a 'second bite of the cherry' for those enthusiasts who were up for it today. It was my intention to be amongst it! However, before that a return to yesterday evening and my friend Pat Shearing down again from Reading for another short stay we decided on eating out rather than cooking. Curry Night at The Swan is guaranteed 'good value', so with Rogan Josh and a cooling cider we were approached by my mate Peter (Mr Music) Smith who reminded us of the Pink Floyd Tribute gig at the Weymouth Pavilion starting at 21:00. At just £1.00 entrance we telephoned Lesley Brown and made our way down to witness
Playing DARK SIDE of the MOON in its entirety, the introduction 'Heartbeats' met with rapturous applause.
 BREATHE, US and THEM, ANY COLOUR YOU LIKE, MONEY etc, etc. WISH YOU WERE HERE was touched on including S on Y C D 
and followed by my personal favourite COMFORTABLY NUMB which I have requested be played at my funeral. The last line of my will reads, "please play this track as by now I will be"!
The finale was RUN LIKE HELL which we did to the beer bar for a night cap.
All gig photos are credited to the lovely Claire Garden - Thank You Claire
While all of this was going on and unbeknown to any of us a BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER, a 'rare' vagrant Wader from the America's, was gracing the foreshore at Ferry Bridge. Found and photographed by Martin Cade, Warden of the Portland Bird Observatory, this became the focus for all local birders this morning but seen only once as it flew away to the west.
I didn't arrive until about 08:00 so little chance for me but it was pleasing to see a few juvenile MEDITERRANEAN GULLs particularly as earlier news from the colony in Poole Harbour
had pointed to a dismal breeding season due to the heavy rain.
As I left to head for Portland Bill, a lone JULIAN THOMAS continued to be resolute in his search for the bird.
Met by c17 WHEATEAR at the Bill
there was little more than a few Butterflies and an array of Flowers on the way to the Obs. Among these were  COMMON CENTAURY and
There was also something of a 'magic moment' when for the first time in probably 25 years I came across an old 'spearfishing' friend BOB MILVERTON and wife CAROLINE. I do see her from time to time but Bob, something of a legend in the sport having represented Great Britain, had thus far stayed below the radar. Those already returned to the Obs had recorded a few things en-route with
a PIED FLYCATCHER in the garden.
Having been out of the country for the Spring influx, this species was an
addition to the Year List. Julian had now returned to the Obs as well, unfortunately without having seen the Sandpiper, and kindly gave me a lift to New Ground at the north end of the Island.
The reason for this visit was to get an overall look at the yachts mustering for today's Sailing Finals and in so doing discovered this monument to HM Submarine SIDON sunk in Portland Harbour by one of her own torpedo's. Designated a Maritime Grave she was towed into West Bay and sunk some 30 miles from the Bill. In the early 80's as Captain of a Diving Ship we took a Royal Navy Clearance Diving Team to the site where they blew off the 'boats' propellers for inclusion in the Submarine Museum at HMS Dolphin, Gosport, Hampshire.
The back of the monument shows the Submarine Insignia, 2 Dolphins supporting a St Edward's Crown, as proudly worn by all members of the service.
The view is one of the best on the south coast of England,
but being a little hazy the sail boats were not easy to see. What can be seen from this shot are the 100's of people spectating from the Nothe (just right of the new Sea Life Tower).
Also in attendance was the AUSTRALIAN OUTSIDE BROADCAST SERVICE who very nearly got a piece of my mind for continually referring to the place where they stood as Weymouth - Grrrrrrrrrrr!
A short bus ride and I was soon among the crowds
overlooking the attendant boats.
The KIWI's had a promontory position and their cheering and banner waving seemed to have effect, I do believe they won a GOLD MEDAL?
Great views for all from this vantage point watching the 
YACHTs gather including
 an OMANI WARSHIP entering Portland Harbour,
NEW ZEALAND, GREAT BRITAIN and TIGER LILY all being watched over by
WEYMOUTH was also packed to the gunwales
while down in the village of WYKE REGIS someone, not content with just the Gold Medallists getting a Gold Postbox, had coated the PILLAR BOX with Silver to celebrate Nick Dempsey's silver medal in the RSX at the Olympics.
2 More Silver Medals in the Sailing for Team GB!

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