Sunday, 23 September 2012

Congratulations - Sir Cliff Richard

Well at last the Big Day is upon us and in true Jim the Medic style everything was running like a clockwork toy. Just to get the day off on the right foot a few of us wandered down to the
GALLERY BISTRO in South Cave village
for the first of what was to be a number of bottles of bubbly,
hearty vegetable soup followed by warm chicken salad.
That done it was back to Chateau Tunnicliffe for another bottle, followed by another before getting into our glad-rags!
BRIDE and GROOM suitably attired
as were the rest of us. ME, auntie JENNY, Jim's mum SYLVIA, Liz's mum BARBRA, JIM, LIZ and her dad JOHN.
Liz gets the Daimler
while we ride the Morris 8.
2 nights in the Beveley Arms Hotel opposite the main town church
Park up and head for the Registry Office.
Signing the register
then off to meet
well wishers.
Seems Jim had lost the return bus tickets, so conducted a thorough search.
With this ring!
 and off to the party at the same hotel.
A nice piece of cake.
Very nice to meet up with the CORK CROWD again, JOHN, CRAIG, JIM, IAN and ME.
The First Tango for Mr and Mrs Tunnicliffe.
A good time was had by all, got to bed at 02:30.
BEST WISHES TO JIM and LIZ for a long and happy life together.


  1. Hey Paul, you have incurred the wroth of my Lady Wife.
    It's Sir Cliff Richard. No 's' on the end. Tut tut.(:))

  2. Now in something of a quandary. On the one hand seems Andrew Mitchell can abuse our police officers, issue a short apology and then his mates say we should draw a line under it while John Terry has to face a Kangaroo Court having already satisfied the Court of the Land of his innocence. Not that I’m holding a torch for either. I will, this very day, offer SIR Cliff an unequivocal apology and consider my wrist firmly slapped by Mrs Roy. As ever good to hear from you Roy and trust all well in your dept.

  3. Paul, I read out your response to Val, to which she replied, Ah bless him. So you are obviously off the hook.(:))
    All is well here, a few days being spent in sunny Weymouth! Someone has to stand in for you. Photographed the sunset from the Bill last evening, blowing a gale though.

  4. Thank Val for her understanding. What a pity I am missing your visit to Weymouth, when do you return home just in case I have to do a Weymouth run?

    1. Early Friday morning unfortunately Paul, however there is certain to be another time.
      Kind regards. Roy.