Saturday, 22 September 2012

One of Those Nights - The Eagles

I doubt there will be time for anything more than enjoying ourselves for the rest of the day and night, hence the early post. So far all we have are last nights festivities which started at 19:00 after
Jim and I looked over our transport for the wedding.
Liz and Jim had booked me into the sumptuous CAVE CASTLE HOTEL which is a short drive from their home in the village of South Cave, East Yorkshire.
We also dined there and can report that both food and wine were of the highest order.
That was also true of the service which made for the best of evenings.
I will make best efforts to bring you the 'Wedding Snaps' tomorrow but knowing these 2 Herbert, no promises!
Along with one of our waiters from Sri Lanka the 3 of us would like to offer a huge THANK YOU to all the staff at Cave Castle for making a splendid evening.

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