Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Blue Jays - Justin Hayward & John Lodge (Moody Blues)

With yet another glitch on the lap-top, this time of 4 days duration, it has been a labour of love to get photos uploaded on an unfamiliar machine let alone post the Blog. Yesterday's effort was a 'post by proxy' for which I thank my dear friend Secret for his patience as I described how to 'post' down the telephone. Add to that my return home and a mass of stuff to do it is unlikely that, if there is a post at all over the next few days, the content may well be limited. We will however do our best! Unfortunately, since we got back 'on line' there has been no time to catch up on e-mails etc so apologies to all of those awaiting a reply which hopefully will follow shortly.
As announced I am now back to the homestead after what can only be described as a fantastic break while helping out my friends at Parley Court. The last evening there was in the company of Cath, fiancee and eldest son Daryl, Janet, Hugh along with Janet's Dad and Mum John and Joyce to enjoy a sumptuous 'Last Supper'. Haunch of venison and fruit sponge pudding with real custard was much enjoyed along with excellent conversation including Joyce relating how Jay's often visit their bird table. I had said that the 2 outstanding birds that I would love to photograph in Dorset were Barn Owl and Jay with a request to 'stake out the feeding station at my next visit. There are always a number of Jays around the farm and close to the house but no one has ever seen one at the feeders, so
what a surprise when this little beauty turned up, just before I left for home, right outside the kitchen window.
I was upstairs at the time and thought Janet had hurt herself when she alerted me to the bird, which had flown off by the time I got to the kitchen.
No need to worry as it returned time and time again and between visits
a handful of peanuts were transferred to the top of the feeder
allowing for a much better pose. Must hurry away now to 'tick' the appropriate box -sad eh??

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