Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Through the Trees - Handsome Family

You didn't need a 'crystal ball' this morning to predict the longevity of today's 'birding' foray, no even before springing out of the bunk the storm clouds were gathering. As usual a wander through the cemetery, with a view to taking a look at the Ash Tree saplings within, but also taking more notice of the other trees than on a daily basis. 
I know the names of few of them, always thinking this might be Holm Oak?
and this Redwood of sorts.
It was however interesting to find this 'burr' on the same tree and not previously noticed
and also the evidence of a by-gone age!
The only birds of note were c2 ROOKs, a species recorded daily as 'fly-overs'
but rarely seen on the deck.
Another item I have passed by a thousand times and never noticed, this IVY BANK,
but not so the Ornamental MAPLEs which are eye-catching at any season but especially now.
Not surprisingly the afore mentioned saplings appear to be in fine fettle, with Ash Die-back Disease still confined to more northerly counties than Dorset. The question remains however, for exactly how much longer??
Most of the Fungi here usually falls quickly to dog walkers, but today there were at least 30 'stands' of this fine looking specimen. The rain had started in earnest long before reaching Westham Bridge, with the wind well up into 'gale-force' numbers
causing something of a 'Blowing in the Hood' - Bob Dylan - HOODED MERGANSER.
PS:- If you haven't yet caught up with 'The Handsomes', then maybe you ought to give them a try. Different and very much 'to the point' lyrically! Try this 'side splitter' before you take supper this evening, noting the words!

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