Sunday, 23 December 2012

Barbados III

Our third day in Barbados, and for some the end of the cruise as they fly back to, mostly, UK this afternoon. More passengers were joining for the 'second leg' so best bet was to get away from all that. I decided on an early turn around the Dockyard to survey some of the classic and less likely contenders at alongside berths, anchor and underway.
 Daddy's Yacht - SERENE
Cruise Ship BRILLIANCE of the SEA
 Cruise Ship in waiting QUEST for ADVENTURE
 Gin Palace - LAUREN L
 Schooner SEA CLOUD II
General Cargo Vessel POSEN
 Harbour Tug BARBADOS II
 There is no Army, Navy or Air Force here, all come under the banner of Defence Forces and the COAST GUARD.
 3 Men in a Boat
The Mobile Luggage Ramp arrives to unload baggage of those leaving. Later in the day a wander around town produced obliging
SHINY COWBIRD but only females,
 more Blooms and
 Crabs and
 Crab Apples??
 SHINY COWBIRD before we reached the
 Fish for Market
 A proper size BONITO
 FLYING FISH Production Line
 The local opportunist CATTLE EGRET in the now torrential rain.
 TURNSTONE in TOWN and at last
 the BLACK-FACED GRASSQUIT got obliging so we'll flog it for all it's worth!
The DEAD CORAL which the most of Barbados is made up of.
and here's one for the WICKHAM's,looks like Great, Great Grandad was famous Janet.
The Inner Harbour BRIDGETOWN
A couple of churches and Government Buildings

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