Sunday, 2 December 2012

I'm A Pheasant Pluckers Son - (Part II)

No sooner had I announced the unlikelihood of another country joining the readership, than along comes the Republic of Rwanda. Another African nation is more than welcome to the Blog, and it is hoped that the new reader will extend Rwandan numbers by passing on The Bagsy Blog LINK to all Families and Friends. Just to bring our new readers up to speed, in just a few days time now I will be embarking on the next adventure that should take me in a westerly direction for at least 5 to 6 months. So WELCOME and hope you enjoy the read!
It must be all the excitement, at least that's my excuse, that firstly I forgot the sighting of a White-rumped Sandpiper at Longham Lake yesterday, then to change the 'header' photograph on the first day of the month. Of the latter, I was soon reminded by my mentor John Gifford for which I thank him.
Amid some beautiful Hampshire countryside the shoot continued,
with the occasional appearance of a ROE DEER and a single, full antlered, Fallow Deer.
Both BEATERS and
DOGs, HEBE again, were fully employed
while at the end of the shoot there was the usual wash-up discussing the merits of the day.
Other than this,
c2 TAWNY OWLs were seen but not photographed,
these images coming from the archive.
There was also an unexpected MOTH which I hope someone might identify for us,
while the final count amounted to just 35 birds of the 450+ reared and put to the wild this year.
From there it was back to the farm and a most welcome dinner of Panage Pork, Dauphinoise Potatoes and Vegetables accompanied by a good red wine. Pudding consisted of 'home made' Banana Cake and Chocolate Brownie.
For me the best was still to come, by way of about the best Stilton Cheese I've eaten along with an excellent Port.
A day right out of the usual for me, but if this is an example of the country/farming set then I'm already hoping for a return visit. I'd like to extend a hearty THANK YOU to all who made me feel so welcome and part of their day - it was simply MAGIC!


  1. Yet again....Lovely pics Capt....!

    Well, this morn'in l did four brace of pheasants, two brace of partridge and, a couple of bunnies....! And, Bertie the Springer, next door, brought a bunny down the path, at lunch time...Bless him...! :)
    Busy...Busy this time of year for game...No one seems to want to do them any more...'Oh! take them up Willie's, he'll do them for you....! Still, don't mind...Done them all my life, and enjoy eating them to.
    In fact had pheasant casserole to-day...!

    The moth...Could be a Common White Wave....Not sure...!
    Did you know...The moth is supposed to 'Embody the soul of a loved one'. Amen..

  2. Thanks for that Willie, good to hear from you as ever.
    Yours aye