Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It'll All Come Out In The Wash

Not the bests of starts aboard the Voyager as we enter the Bay of Biscay, a multitude of computer snags. So far I have been unable to connect my laptop to the system, needing to enter all passwords before gaining access to any of the files via the ships own machines. These are nor computers but simply a means of accessing the Internet so no way of cutting and pasting notes form my own gadget as I go. Add to that all means of 'uploading' photographs have been disabled there are no pretties for you tonight! However, there is an upside, the Telecoms Tech has been to see me and explained that to reinstate the system the 'administrator' has to give the go ahead and he/she/it is in London, but he is working on it.
In the meantime, a quick update on the last 2 days.
Check in at Portsmouth Port was as smooth as silk, with all passengers embarked by just after 17:00 and the ship got underway soon after with the aid of the CIRCO Tug Bountiful in attendance. Passing down the main harbour HM Ships included Carriers Ark Royal and Illustrious, along with St Albans, Daring and Dauntless. There were excellent views of The Spinnaker and one of my old local pubs The Still and Westcountry and very soon we were past the Nab Tower and clear of The Solent. By mid-morning we had rounded Finistere and started our passage across the Bay of Biscay where we are at present having experienced some 'heavy weather' earlier but now a good deal calmer. Speed had been reduced during the day to a paltry 11 knots but we are now back to 20, economical cruising speed.
Wildlife thus far includes, 150+ Northern Gannet, 250+ Kittiwake, 4 Guillemot, 3 Great Skua, 2 Fulmar, 3 Herring and 2 Lesser Black-Backed Gull. In addition there was a brief showing of what were considered to be 2 Bottle-nosed Dolphin. Good numbers of Marine Traffic were also encountered including the Queen Mary 2 at fairly close quarters.
It is hoped we can sort out a reliable system by tomorrow, to be able to bring you some pictures. In the meantime it's off to dinner and to bid you farewell.

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