Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Notice to our Valued Readers

and all of those you are going to pass our Link on to!
The Bagsy Memoir was never intended for public scrutiny, only as an insight for those of my Grandchildren who are interested, to an extremely ‘full life’, something my own Father did in part but not so (mores’ the pity) my Grandfather. However, having reached 300,000 edited words, among much reflected joy and only a microscopic smidgen of remorse; it was thought a good idea to share just a snippet of this with our Loyal Readership. The passage involved refers to one of the most fantastic days of my life, which neither money nor station could afford you and one that highlights that in life
The intent is to publish this on Christmas Day so you have something to do while the 
Figgy Duff and Turkey settle.

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