Sunday, 17 January 2021

All Quiet - On All Fronts

 Not a lot about yesterday but what little we had did see showed a degree of quality. Nothing but a handful of Mallard on the main pond along with this rather elegant

with the cupboard then remain bear up to and including the
Gravel Pit.
Just beyond the Sewerage Works Fence Line it is said that it is a hooligan in a beaten up 4 x 4
who is chewing up the margins
while at the same time destroying the pipeline supplying water to the Sheep troughs.
However, and while not condoning the vandalism, this has already attracted a number of
to a patch that has traditionally been a feeding ground for wintering
Green Sandpiper.
They have been a long time coming, but on the day we also made contact with the
'first of the year'
maybe as many as half a dozen in total but all in dull plumage, almost totally uncooperative and
showing for no more than a few seconds at a time.
We were rather running out of puff, just half way through the morning, and considered we could be better employed back at Slight Return, but on the way there was another welcome

Turn Up for the Book!

high in the Moors River tree-line brought another addition to the
Year List
on a day that was Short and only you, our valued but again rapidly dwindling audience, can decide if equally Sweet!

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