Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Here Comes the Flood - Peter Gabriel

 Just a glance at the currant state of the

(looking east)
what used to be North Bank to South Bank
and to the West, just 150 yards from our own front door,
suggested that there won't be much found there for a few days yet!
However, the very opposite was the case as scanning the Southern Sector, but more particularly the pylons, as expectations rocketed. Not a hope in hell of confirming our suspicions with binnoculars alone, this is annually about the only time we ever have to resort to the trusty telescope
to confirm a
at great distance, with maybe needless to say having to resort to the archive for the stills.
With such a capture and 'first for year' under the belt it was highly unlikely it would be upstaged but we carried on regardless! Things remained exactly the same the the 2 more northerly watercourses while a number? of
entertained us along the course of the
Sewerage Works Fence.
Very little was the bad news right across the Heath but seemingly some concern when finding
clogged with effluent?
Something of a miracle at the
Rare Breeds Compound
as all of the Goats
5x Bagots, 2x Old English and the single French Alpine had consigned themselves into one frame
but not showing much activity.
Just like thier Ol' Dad here, only moving when you absolutely have to!
Otherwise it was just left to a single
along with a 10 second rather pale
before returning back to base to find the
(now part of the daily picture just outside of the homestead)
fratanising with the local
and also
continuously feeding.

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