Tuesday, 19 January 2021

In the Mooo-d - Glenn Miller

Half a decent morning again on Monday and with an overnight of +6°C, dropping a few

degrees by dawn it was thought worth running one Moth Trap but enticing only a few more Flies.

With no more than a

 up to and including the patch opposite Eco it was novel to see an
in open flight heading into the westerly breeze soon after take off from
Bournemouth International Airport
before shaping up for Malasia and another cargo of PPE, rather than the usual point blank views from the caravan window on take-off.
Again the Irrigation Pond drew a blank but just around the corner the pair of
with a very smart male
with his overly coy
Lady Friend had returned to the Gravel Pit.
Met at the gateway to the heath by the seemingly fractious
there was very little else to keep us entertained only saved by an
obliging but lone
The Sun drenched Oaks at the Moth Monitoring Station while searching, without success, for
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
along with this equally static
along with a brief return to Sunday's visit to a windswept
Longham Lakes
with a selection of the very few Birds we saw there including, as they appear,
Cormorant, Tufted Duck, Little Egret, Black-headed Gull and Great White Egret
before returning to find one of the ever increasing herd of
as a welcoming committee!
We feel a visit to the Archive coming on if things do not buck up!

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