Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Dreamer - Ozzy Osbourne

 It was our tardy start to the day that secured the Best Bird of the Year thus far, as by the time we stepped outside of Slight Return II it was full and clear daylight.

From the Ash trees at the stables came the unfamiliar and long overdue
chirrupings of 2 or maybe more
It should be pointed out that these birds, however many, were only seen as tiny movements in the tree-tops with identifiction made on 'vocals' alone.
These represented only the 'second' records here since recording began back in 2013,
while the images / video are taken from the archive just to emphasize the occasion and only the second addition to the Year List this month!
It was only while lingering at the stables that it dawned on us how we have neglected the humble
over what has been thus far an
absolute 'bumper' year, dozens upon dozens of the little beauties
which in turn led us back to the
19 June 2013
In that year I was living in the farmhouse while sorting out my future having abandoned my itinerate lifestyle with the usual early morning glance out of the bedroom window to find this
full albino
just plodding around on the garage roof.
Just when you thought you'd seen everything??
Getting back to the day in hand we headed south and thought ourself lucky to capture these 5
at not only great distance but also in full gallop.
As predicted, gone are the bulk of the Northern Thrushes and Starlings, which may return, with
no more than a fist-full of
(now you see 'em - now you don't)
still being attracted to the
Standard Berry Trees
in the carpark while the considered unnecessary
gets another day nearer, prediction is grubbing out of the hedgerows will be next!
Gazing through the window at the world outside
Wondering will Mother Earth survive

Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her sometime

After all, there's only just the two of us
And here we are, still fighting for our lives
Watching all of history repeat itself

Time after time!

A total blank at the Sewerage Work was followed by a 'lone'

on the
while the
Airport Fire Service
continues to stand sentinel as our watch ended with some
fervent activity
as this pair of
went about their ablutions
along the course of the
Moors River

Your higher power may be God or Jesus Christ
It doesn't really matter much to me
Without each other's help, there ain't no hope for us
I'm living in a dream, a fantasy
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah…

I'm just a dreamer
I dream my life away
I'm just a dreamer
Who dreams of better days

Dreamer - Ozzy Osbourne

By no means an afterthought, but a belated Thank You to our ever increasing and Valued Readership. Someone must be sharing the link as yesterday saw the highest count, in the modern era, with what these days is a huge 1930 recordbreaker. There may be those who have not sent off the link but more hits lead to more momentum so would be pleased if you did so.


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