Saturday, 20 February 2021

Going to My Hometown - Rory Gallager Part I

There was but a single species of Bird today worthy of any attention at all as yet another gloomy, windy and wet day set in! From our records we found that the last and ‘only’

(distinctive white wing-tips) 

 was recorded on 13th February 2014, the first year we landed here. 

The bird on the day, appeared as little more than a blurred dot and considered in company with a second as it/they flew at altitude above Slight Return II.

 So poor was the rest of the day, in all directions, that it was decided to concentrate on photographing our patch as an introduction to the 'hundreds' of new readers and maybe a memory jerk for those a little more long-standing. It is of 2 halves, seperated by the B3073, and centred on

of late Georgian construction and a much later farmhouse,
both within what we refer to as the
Southern Sector were at the westerly extremes are a number of arable fields given over mostly these days to the production of Indian Maze as animal feed. The largest and most westerly of these is
reliable during the winter months for Snipe, Jack Snipe and Lapwing with the latter breading annualy there. Working east are the
Westerl Horse Paddocks
and a pletora of eye-catching out-buildings given over to various business interests.
As an aside, 2 years ago the tiny
 Dovecot played host to a pair of
bringing off c2 youngsters but not without wondering just how they squeezed into the tiny balistraria?
the hapless one ended up in the Ringwood Owl Sanctuary, living to tell the tale, while the other reached maturity mostly perched in the nearby Holm Oak Trees.
Among much continuous activity in the Farm Yard there is also a
Fully Acredited Great Britain
Equestrian Centre
Stables and Stable Yard
while at the far eastern end stands
Parley Pond
beyond which stands a well appointed Golf Club.
Part II to follow.
Many Thanks for Tuning In and again the 'hits' increase - Pass it On Please.

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