Thursday, 18 March 2021

Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly

Our suspicions of yesterday's Mystery Moth we founded and confirmed as an exceptionally early and a little worn

not surprisingly a 'first for the year' and which has been passed on to higher authority as of interest!

 Yet another frustrating moment to start the day as by no means for the first time the raucous calls of Grey Heron

broke the dawn silence but remained unseen. Never in all the years we have persued the interest have we had to wait 74 days (and still counting) to clap eyes on such a common bird on our home patch! However, on the up side, the other early morning songsters are being lead each morning at abot 04:00 by an unknown number 

of seemingly determined
Also in early morning evidence have been Waterfowl with the previously industrious pair of
having wrapped their hands in on the nest building front and most stragely not even leaving any evidence that they ever made the attempt?
Otherwise the small skein of c4
(we'll have to get a bit quicker with that Canon) continue to transit our airspace each morning.
Maybe no need to highlight

again, as now occupying all watercourses, but then the best news (with fingers crossed) looks like the

aggressive as ever, have taken up residence on the Moors River an occasional nesting site.
With a short break in the theme to make the most of a brief appearance
while watching this
shaping up to land at
Bournemouth International Airport
At the Irrigation Pond we again found the
having been deprived of its
favoured perch by a preening
(no prizes for guessing, yes yet another)
The c2 male TUFTED DUCKs still hold station
but not without yet another invasive Canada and a much more welcome
Little Grebe singing in the background.
While ending with a little harmless mirth
as this gentleman hauls such a cargo from Wolverhampton every weekday,
with customers queueing at the Fencing Centre bumper to bumper!
Good Luck to Them!

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