Thursday, 29 July 2021

NESSUN DORMA - Pavarotti

 The 31 July 1991 has to go down as one of the wettest rain-filled days since Summer records began, and one of the most unbelievable. My shipmate and Chief Engineer Andy Lindsay and I were programmed to return to the Floating Drilling Rig Stena Hunter in the North Sea the following day, so just lucky to share one of the most memorable days in both our lives. It was only as a result of surfing the channels on the TV on Friday evening that brought such a vivid memory back, as joining the 125,000 throng in Hyde Park for what was to become known as

It started out as just light drizzel at noon
but by 14:00 it was as though every gamp in the land was fluttering to the breeze?
However, it was but an hour later that the little known part of the gig took place as it was later reported that Luciano, who had been looking down on the sodden crowd from his hotel window, gathered a few of his mates, hit the stage in his street cloths and performed an impromtu!
The atmoshere even before this was 'electric' and as the afternoon and evening progressed
the croud simply bonded
and come the evening there wasn't a dry-eye in the place
and we ain't talking RAIN. Wehad never experienced anything like this before
and like will never do so again - what a DUDE!
The images were snapped from the TV.
Early morning, and a strange sight indeed asa young
just plodded past the homestead not 30 feet away and something not seen before.
Otherwise the Moth Traps produced another most welcome brace of f.f.y. in the guise of
the tiny and delicate
along with
It was considered a welcome bonus to capture a
juvenle LINNET side by side with a WHITETHROAT
with the former lingering for another shot, while there is little in the way
of a carpet of
across the Heath only these occassional clumps along with the odd
along with a free-flying
about the only pristine one we have seen this year as the norm seems to be
like this very worn individual.
The daily report on the nesting
shows the floating platform still to be where it was
but still without sight of sound of a second adult.
Inside Bournemoth International Airport a new kid on the block a
which we learn has recently been deployed to Greenland and Iceland while we also found
still strangely sat on their nests - something not right there?

While at the Home Moth Traps we have a new mate in the form of this


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