Thursday, 12 August 2021

Yesterday Once More - The Carpenters

 An away-day yesterday and little / no improvement across the Wild World has us publishing little more than a 'filler' today' as the demise gets closer!

This small Puddle in the Airport
and this Hard Standing where once the Solar Panel Construction Team had their base
were both once home to the
during their all too short
Breeding Season
but the pond soon became overgrown as did the second site.
The construction of their nests was a joy to watch as they seemed to randomly toss tiny stones with their bills, over their heads forming the almost perfect cicular depression as a nest.
Tiny Fluffy Juveniles
like the parent birds seemed to have no fear
and could usually be approached to within a matter of
a few feet.
Unfortunately, gone are the days
as lucky to see a single representative across any given year!
Will Ye No Come Back Again?

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