Saturday, 2 October 2021

One Swallow Does Not a Winter Make

 While the familiar songsters of the Dawn Chorus have more of less wrapper their hands in the local

has taken it upon itself to make up the deficit
by 'screeching' loud and clear from around midnight until dawn.
Additionally, and with the cooler nights bringing fewer Insects to the Moth Trap we are trying a new stratagy across the remaining days of trapping. With the Heath traps all but abandoned, save for the hint of an Indian Summer, we have sited one of the traps high on the bund, close to home, in hopes of that
Last Scarce Migrant.
Talking of which, we have captured a few 'Strangers' other that Moths over the last few years but
little to compare with last nights latest contender! Question is
"how the hell did this tiny (petrified looking)
get into the trap anyway?
and while we "don't do Micro's" it was difficult to overlook the c7
with c2 being 'Melanic Varients'.
With yet another 'rain bearing front' apporoaching from the south west
it was time to get the skates on but not before paying a little attention to a
Mother and Child Reunion - Paul Simon 1972
juvenile and
From the Solarpanel Compound could be seen the
last vestiges of the
but nothing else so made our way back to base finding yet another gathering of
on the overhead cable along with what will likely be our final
of the year??

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