Thursday, 17 September 2020

The Lunar-Ticks are on the Grass - Pink Floyd

No amount of moaning or groaning is going to bring the
Moth’s to Book
and even though we are going through another
‘lean patch’ we count ourselves as lucky!
There must be ‘many’ others across the County and elsewhere
who would give their ‘high teeth’ for just a crack at
 (c21 today)
or even lesser mortals as
and did in fact nab a 'first for the year', colloquially known as a 'Tick', 
for those who didn't get the headline, by way of the diverse
 shown here in other of its guises!
Waking before daylight had even showed its hand we were already being serenaded by dueting
with a rauchous over-flying Grey Heron proving just to quick for yer average
Fixed Income Pentioner!
However, not to slow in following the kind angler who knocked the door to report a
on the north bank of the
River Stour 
and a much appreciated bonus of his recently caught
 At the Gravel Pit was found a vocal
and active
before moving onto the Heath for the weekly turning of the
 Herp's Covers
but found this
already soaking up what there were of the mid-morning rays.
 Only the 4th
of the year, which is worrying but did see a welcome bit of footage via the
Idiots Lantern
of a number of places around the country where they are either
Introducing Sand Lizards or Re-introducing them to a number of Heathlands!
Talking of which, the
is a 'scarce' bird on our little patch of Moorland but today saw one fly
directly in front of us, then a second 
perched on a nearby fence post,
reminiscent of the proverbial bus!
By no means a bad day, we are already seeing large drops in most Wild Things,
so as a precaution we are already delving into the archive to
Keep the Hungry Fed!
Here's until Manana!

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