Thursday, 23 June 2022

Jude the Obscure - Thomas Hardy

  From the age of 15 years, when first joining the Royal Navy, it has always been the intent to consider the “glass to be half full” while additionally, and even though we could have done without our 15th puncture since we have resided here, we always feel that it is “an ill wind (that blows nobody any good)".

Were it not for being delayed by stopping to inflate the 'offending'
we would never have seen the
thermalling,directly above our humble caravan home,
albeit in shillouette.
Further harrised by the overnight conditions we only set a single Moth Trap but nevertheless came up with
both added to a Year List which has now reaches a total of
201 species of Macro Moths!
Heading for the garden water-tap, to dhoby the pinkies, another nifty surprise as this tiny
was navigating its way down to ground level and thought to be the larvea of either
Large White or Small White Butterfly??

From the dew-soaked hedge, creeps a crawly caterpillar,

when the dawn begins to crack.

It's all part of my autumn almanac!

Autumn Almanac - The Kinks 

while further west the solution to the mystery of this years crop which would appear to be

(and how lucky was capturing an 'in-flight' Swallow to boot.
It might seem that if that mentally deranged despot Putin will not lift the embargo,
then best grow your own - we have 2 window boxes!
Even further west it looks as if it could once again be
Out on the main road from our view looks like the
are once again being brutally dislodged from their nest sites - a Criminal Offence according to the LAW of the Wildlife and Countryside Act! and further north a couple more surprises with at least
a single juvenile
in part fratenizing with prospective
parents and a juvenile
and to end the saga
Kids on Quads
a new business venture up the north end
Off Piste
but doing no harm.

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